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Environmental solutions to protect oil & fuel systems
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Got dirty contaminated oil?

Is it causing costly repairs and unneeded maintenance? 

Is bad oil quality or degradation generating unnecessary costs?

Chainings Limited has the solution for you.

Chainings Filters will prevent varnish and sludges from forming. Chainings Filters removes small wear particles and water contamination.

Chainings Limited products improve oil quality and are beneficial for the environment.

A range of Chainings Filtration Unit
Chainings Level gauge
Insulting oil Filtration Unit
Range of Chainings Filters
Hydraulic Oil Filtration Unit

About us 

Chainings Limited manufactures and supplies a unique range of cutting-edge bypass filtration products. Chainings Filter products are designed to capture and retain very fine dirty particles and water contamination beyond the capabilities of other filtration equipment.   


Chainings also manufactures custom made Oil Conditioning Units which are designed to recycle and clean used oil and hydraulic fluids, on an industrial scale. Chainings also manufactures custom made Fuel Flushing Units. Other ancillary products have been developed and include the hugely successful range of high visibility fluid level gauges.


Chainings supplies a global market, both for manufacturers and ends users. Customers are offered the highest levels of quality, service and support at all times. Chaining is committed to innovation that is targeted to real user needs 

Chainings Hydraulic Oil Filration unit
CHainings Fluid Level Gauges
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