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Most engines are expected to operate in the most arduous and, sometimes, severe weather conditions. It is important that reliability is not affected by ingress of air-borne contamination that these conditions can create. 

The smallest of particles and water contamination can have an adverse effect on the efficiency and quality of the equipment's oil and diesel fuel systems. Left uncontrolled, contamination can have serious effect on the integrity of the oil resulting in component fatigue, erosion, corrosion and depletion of oil additive and/or lubricating properties. This in turn, will lead to more than frequent oil changes and maintenance of any system which, in itself, is costly. 

Traditional filtration packages specified from the manufacturing stage may be insufficient to maintain levels of oil and fuel cleanliness that reliable operating systems demand in harsh working environments.

Very small particles contribute to system failures just as much as large particles for which standard "in-line" filters are designed to capture. Additionally, the presence of water/moisture  contribute and accelerates the process of oil degradation through bacterial growth, acid formation and sludge build up. "In-line" filters do not remove water.

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