The filtration unit CP4203 is designed to clean wide range of hydra-carbon fluids, some of the more general being hydraulic and lubricating oils. The unique Chainings 203mm-filter medium is fitted to the unit; this will remove water, acids, ethylene glycol and all other aqueous contaminants together with solids above 1 micron. All features are mounted on a flat bed trolley with fixed and swivel foam filled tyres to aid mobility.

Can be fitted with a storage reservoir to clean the oil prior to filling or topping up a system.  

Additional options include the addition of a Fluid Condition Monitoring Unit.



  • This unit can prolong systems component and oil life resulting in increased reliability.

  • Can be used as a preventative maintenance tool.

  • Stored oil can be kept to optimum cleanliness.

  • Mobility of unit allowing for multiple purging of different depot areas


Part No.: CP1202-0000

Flow Rate 180 Litres per Hour

Features include " Puncture proof" rubber wheeled tyres

Electrical supply 220V Single Phase (Options available)

Simple On/Off Control with automatic isolation in the event of filter element blockage

Fitted with "Armour-face" pump for resilience against oil containing hard wear particle contamination

Unit can be left operating unattended.

Weight: 53Kgs

Dimensions: 125*55*45cm


Part No.: CP4202-0000

Flow Rate 900 Litres Per Hour 

Features include " Puncture proof" rubber wheeled tyres

Electrical supply 220V Single Phase (Options available)

Electrical Cabinet with 24V Low voltage control and Alarms 

Automatic isolation in the event of filter blockage

All over protective cover manufactured in steel and powder-coat painted. (As shown)

Remote operation facility with Filter Element Hours expiry counter.

Additional options:-

Features mounted on a mobile trolley with front turntable

Filtration Unit can be fitted with a Inline Contamination Monitor (ICM)

Weight: 250Kgs

Dimensions 65*130*80cm


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