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Transmission oil Filtration unit

The filtration unit CP4203 is designed to clean wide range of hydra-carbon fluids, some of the more general being hydraulic and lubricating oils. The unique Chainings 203mm-filter medium is fitted to the unit; this will remove water, acids, ethylene glycol and all other aqueous contaminants together with solids above 1 micron. All features are mounted on a flat bed trolley with fixed and swivel foam filled tyres to aid mobility.

Can be fitted with a storage reservoir to clean the oil prior to filling or topping up a system.  

Additional options include the addition of a Fluid Condition Monitoring Unit.




  • This unit can prolong systems component and oil life resulting in increased reliability.

  • Can be used as a preventative maintenance tool.

  • Stored oil can be kept to optimum cleanliness.

  • Mobility of unit allowing for multiple purging of different depot areas



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