Marine Overview

Major manufacturers of remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) are installing Chainings filters to provide additional protection against catastrophic failures during operation beneath the ocean. Ingress of water contamination, in particular, can affect the lubricating properties of the oil with the ROV's hydraulic control and electrical insulating oil systems. Degradation of the oil can lead to excess system component wear and overheating resulting in reduced efficiency and, ultimately, total loss of ROV control. The Chainings filter captures and retains water and fine particle contamination to  maintain the high standard of oil quality required for efficient and reliable ROV operations.

Marine Products

MCH1210HS Marine Application

Marine Applications


  • Tankers

  • Dredgers

  • Barges and Tugs

  • Generators

  • Yachts 

  • ROV's

  • Ferries