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Class 158

Rail Overview

The UK and European rail industry benefits from a wide range of Chainings filter and ancillary products. 

The Chainings filter assembly is installed on a complete fleet of Diesel Multiple units to ensure that the oil quality on each vehicle Hydrostatic system is maintained to a high standard of cleanliness.

Chainings filtration units operating in maintenance depots are used to condition the oil used on a variety of Diesel Multiple Unit Final drive gear boxes. Benefits include longer oil drain intervals and extended maintenance periods.

Additionally, regular use of Chainings Fuel Filtration Units on locomotive fuel systems continues to provide extension of fuel injector life and reduction in premature fuel pump failures. 

Complementing the filter range, Chainings manufacture exclusively designed Fluid Level Gauges aimed at the rail market to provide a clear and positive definition of oil, coolant or diesel system reservoirs.

Most Diesel Multiple Unit engines overhauled in the UK have a Chainings Oil Level Gauge with a unique "wipe clean" design feature to assist in determining oil level in the most carbon choked oil types. 

Voith Gearbox - CP-level100A
Perkins Engine - CP-Level114A

Rail Products

Rail Applications


  • Engines 

  • Hydrostatic Engine Cooler Systems

  • Final Drive Systems 

  • Gearboxes

  • Transmission Units 

  • Coolant Systems 

  • Fuel Systems 

  • Hydraulic Break Systems 

  • Oil Based Transformers and Voltage converter systems 

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